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3 Big Summer Festivals in the South Denver Suburbs

June 18, 2014 By bluffshighlandsranch We’re excited about the popular summer festivals in Denver this year. Here are just a few you’ll want to be sure to attend to have a memorable time with your friends and family. Read more.

“COLORADO WINE or BUST” Posted by D’ Vine Wine Time in WINE TASTING

“COLORADO WINE or BUST” In taking a summer vacation to see family in Castle Rock, CO I discovered that my timing has been perfect….weather, school schedules and this coming Saturday the annual Colorado Castle Rock WineFest! Approximately twenty six wineries from area wine growing regions, such as: Palisade; Denver; Grand Junction; Sedalia; Greeley and the list goes on. There is a vast diversity of wines produced in Colorado and I’ve had many of them on my “to drink list” for a long time. The Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce sponsors… Read More

How to Pair Wine and Chocolate

By: Jonathon Stewart, Learn the Basics of Pairing Wine and Chocolate. Both wine and chocolate can be very complex on their own, so keep it simple with three basics: •the wine you select must be perceived as sweeter than the chocolate •since chocolate coats your mouth when you eat it, you’ll need a wine that’s big enough to cut through its richness •try looking for flavors in both that are similar to one another Read more.

Summer Wines

Solid Wines for Pairing with Summer’s Best Bounty By Stacy Slinkard, Guide Conventional wine wisdom often highlights young, fresh white wines with plenty of crisp acidity and palate pizzazz for summertime, but reds often make their mark around the grill to partner with steaks, burgers, brats and other red meat delights. However, if summer were to be limited to only one wine to handle all of the flavors, spices, temperatures, aromas and individual palates – it would have to be the highly versatile, perfect compromise for red and white… Read More

25 Best Wines for Summer By Ray Isle

Smoky grilled foods aren’t hard to pair with wine. F&W’s Ray Isle explains simple rules and names 25 affordable, easy-to-find bottles. Similarly, pairing wine with grilled foods is a forgiving task. Most grilled dishes are relatively simple; there’s a main ingredient (usually a protein of some kind), plus the possibility of various seasonings in the form of marinades, rubs and sauces. To choose a wine to pair with something off the grill, consider two things: First, how hearty is the food, and second, what’s the dominant flavor?  View more.

Summer Salad and Wine Pairing

As a fairly carnivorous person, I tend to feel that if I’m going to be eating a salad, I might as well have some wine with it, just to give the whole enterprise some sort of point. To that end, here are a few thoughts about pairing wines with salads. Pairing Wine with Salad