Victoria’s House

Victoria's House

The Andrew Anderson Residence – 420 Jerry Street
L-R Thorwald Christensen and Victoria Elizabeth (Anderson) Honnold, Christensen (May 17, 1889-Dec. 9, 1942) with Children Willard & Raymond Christensen, and Milton Honnold

The Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce, Victoria’s House, 420 Jerry St., still carries some of the character of the families who lived there. Victoria Anderson Honnold was once one of Castle Rock’s leading socialites and leader of various women’s groups. Her father, Andrew Anderson, purchased two lots at the corner of Fifth and Jerry streets in 1896. The Andersons raised their two daughters and one son in the house. Andrew Anderson died in 1904.

Victoria graduated from Douglas County High School in 1907. Victoria married Milton L Honnold on Nov. 23, 1910.  On Nov. 15, 1911, Milton was killed in a hunting accident, a few weeks later on Dec. 11, 1911, their child Milton Everitt Honnold was born.  Now a widow, she and her young son moved into her childhood residence.  She married Thorwald Christensen (1874-1957) in 1919. Victoria raised her three children Willard (1920 – 1980) & Raymond Christensen (1923 – 1967), and Milton Honnold (1911 – 1975) in the home.

Victoria Christensen died Dec. 9, 1942, at her house on Jerry Street of a stroke and is buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery between her first and second husbands.

A hub of activity during her lifetime, the house is filled with activity still, not all of which is from this dimension.  Stop by the Chamber and ask the staff to share a few stories of Victoria’s Antics with you.